This Hand Held Touchscreen Datapad is a device intended to perform remount operations by a dedicated radio communication network. The device has the followings technical specifications:

Control Unit: Processor Intel 80186 (16bits), RAM: 64Kb (1Mb optional), RS232 interface and radio interface on 433.92Mhz and 916.5MHz;

LCD Display: Black/White, Resolution 320 x 200 pixels, Viewing area 100 x 60 mm EL-Backlight;

Touch screen: Resistive technology, continuous resolution, anti-glare, scratch resistant layer;

Battery Pack: Module detachable, Li-Ion technology, Capacity 1350mA/h, Autonomy 4,5 hours full power, 12 hours power down mode;

Data Transfer: Radio transmission on 433,92Mhz or 916,5MHz, baud rate 14400bps, half duplex, range inside 45 meters, range outside 100 meters.

Dimensions: Main module with one battery: 160x94x39 mm

Weight: With one battery: 390 grams.