Measuring Principle

The device is due to measure the concentration of CO, CO2, CH, O2 of exhaust engine gases, the oil temperature and engine revolution. The measuring principle is based on the infrared radiation absorption for CO, CO2, and CH gases and it is achieve with an “Andros” infrared sensor. The O2 concentration is measured with an electrochemical sensor.

The device has also electronic modules to measure engine revolutions and oil temperature.

Device Description

The device is build around an infrared type measuring sensor (Andros) compensated with temperature and atmospheric pressure variations.

This module is connected with the central unit by a serial interface.

A central unit performs the high level processing of data in order to have the official measuring paper. The central unit is the same like the unit described to “Opacimeter” device.

The device performances

The “Exhaust Engine Gases Analyser” has the following performances:

CO                                                     0…10              [%vol]

CO2                                                   0…20              [%vol]

O2                                                       0…25              [%vol]

HC                                                      0…30.000       [ppm vol]

Engine oil temperature                        0…150            [ºC]

Engine revolution                                0…9.999         [rpm].